Live painting for Juxtapose @ Outside Lands 2011

Live painting by Aden Catalani and Eos Montana for Juxtapose at the Outsidelands event in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Other artists include Chez, Apex, Sam Flores, Nate VanDyke and M.Lafarga….. Thanks to Jeben Berg, Analouge Blackheart, Davis Cleveland and Sage…. True visionaries.


Saturday Fun @ Salem Free Wall

UNR and DM out for a little rest and relaxation….. it beats sittin on the couch watchin “Days of Our Lives” ¬†eatin bon bon’s and drinkin coors light…. No disrespect if that’s your steez.


The G8 Book Release was great success…. We sold canvases by Angel Ben vanOvereem, Davis Cleveland and Kango Kid. We partied till the wee hours and everyone had a great time. Thanks to Backspace for doing as little as possible to make this a great show…. no worries though, we filled in the gaps. Here are some photos from early in the night.