Live painting for Juxtapose @ Outside Lands 2011

Live painting by Aden Catalani and Eos Montana for Juxtapose at the Outsidelands event in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Other artists include Chez, Apex, Sam Flores, Nate VanDyke and M.Lafarga….. Thanks to Jeben Berg, Analouge Blackheart, Davis Cleveland and Sage…. True visionaries.


Report Lounge Show! Friday June 4th.

Mural painted by: Davis Cleveland, EosMontana, and Kango Kid for our upcoming art show with works by Aiden Catalani, Kango Kid, Akses One, Angel vanOvereem, Davis Cleveland and EosMontana (possible cameo by Kiewnikon). Peep the steeze!


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By Substance Mixed Media