KujoRock Album Release: Split Between Dimensions

Split Between Dimensions is Kujo’s 4th solo album. A heavy, Sci-Fi influenced, electronic, hip-hop instrumental album. Perfectly balanced between two parallels. Prior to starting the album he was introduced to some new technology allowing him to retire his MPC and drift away from his normal sample based beats that the 1st three albums were comprised of. This allowed Kujo to challenge himself musically and create original compositions purely of his imagination. Get ready to be lost in space.


SubM2 Graff for Extreme Home Makeover with Rob Zombie

Our latest fun with paint at the Nightmare Factory in Salem OR for Extreme Home Makeover. Graffiti by SubM2’s Kujo Rock, Kango Kid and EosMontana. Also Dove from Born Invincible and Rob Zombie (he’s got skills with the dots!)

BenDavis Album Release!!!!


>>>> peep the sample….Ben Davis Snippet <<<

The Ben Davis Project, a collaboration by brothers Davis Cleveland and Digems – the Ben in Ben Davis –  is really everything that a collaboration between brothers should be: at turns hilarious and sad, introspective and superficial, sexy and gross, The Ben Davis Project is Davis Cleveland’s most introspective and diverse album to date.

Comprised of contributions from long time collaborators (Pete Sake, HALFMANHALF, Mic Crenshaw) and new (Cheetah Finess), as well as SUBM2 crew – EosMontana (who, with Davis Cleveland, is Abangatang), Dr.Ewson, Clint Eestwood and Pele, The Ben Davis project covers such favorite hip hop topics as celebrity, sex, politics, graffiti, death, experience…and how to make fried chicken.   The production by Digems, Davis Cleveland and Cheetah Finess on My Everything, varies as widely as the subject matter, and tracks like Bromance and Pass Away are not only perfect illustrations of the sort of tracks that should be born of collaboration between family – genetic and selected – but also add depth to an album that already supports itself on the strength of its musical and lyrical creativity.

Davis Cleveland & Ben DIgems vanOvereem: BenDavis

Also Check out these SubM2 productions!

Abangatang: Pat McGroin
Kiew Nikon: Udoncahmenomah


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